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Segovia Tours

Travel to Segovia from Madrid



Accessible in a short excursion from Madrid, Segovia is home to the imposing Roman aqueduct, an 11th century Alcázar fortress, a stunning cathedral, and much more. A perfect day tour from Madrid!

Most people tour Segovia to see its historic buildings, including the Roman aqueduct which is probably the best preserved Roman ruin on the Iberian peninsula and perhaps one of the best in Europe. However, there are many more things to do in Segovia, including the Alcázar – the stunning 11th century Moorish Palace of the city and Segovia’s 16th century cathedral, all of which combine to make Segovia a UNESCO World Heritage site and an absolutely essential place to tour. Indeed, Segovia is only a short bus excursion from Madrid, making its wealth of history highly accessible to anyone staying in Madrid and wanting to visit the city.

As well as being a historically important commercial centre going back to Roman times, especially in the wool trade, Segovia also has a proud place in Spanish Gastronomy, with the most famous local delicacy to enjoy eating out being Cochinillo – roast suckling pig, a must eat for any traveller, as well as many wonderful restaurants and tapas.

Highlights of Segovia Things To Do:

  • See the Roman aqueduct, the best preserved Roman ruin on the Iberian peninsula.
  • Tour inside the Alcazar, Segovia’s 11th century palace
  • Visit the stunning 16th century cathedral
  • Enjoy the local delicacy of Cochinillo- roast suckling pig

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