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Toledo Tours

Travel to medieval times in the city of the three cultures



Toledo’s walled city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site accessible on a short day tour from Madrid – visiting the Cathedral, the Alcázar, and the Jewish neighbourhood are just some of the things to do in Toledo.

Any visitor to Toledo leaves stunned by this UNESCO World Heritage Site with things to do from across three different cultures (Muslim, Jewish, and Christian) and 1,000 years of history. Anyone choosing to tour this walled city won’t want to leave without seeing the wide wealth of attractions including the 14th century Catedral de Toledo, the ancient Muslim fortress, the Alcázar, the narrow medieval streets of the Jewish district and the world-famous artworks in the Casa Del Greco.

Toledo is an old royal city – home to the court of King Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor and hosting an important royal tradition represented throughout the city, from the cathedral to the Alcázar. It also has a long commercial tradition however, with its bustling Zocodover market place and historic metal-making traditions. Toledo holds a rich tradition in metal-working and sword-making which goes back to Roman times, with the famous sword shops to be found all throughout the city and are worth exploring for any visitor. Some of the attractions to tour and the best things to do in Toledo include:

  • Explore the city of three cultures – Christian, Jewish, and Muslim
  • Tour the 14th century Catedral de Toledo
  • Discover the stunning hilltop Alcazár, the ancient Muslim fortress
  • Enjoy the world-famous artwork in la Casa Del Greco

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